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Enon has a growing and dynamic Children’s ministry program.  Each week these young ones are taught the basics of the Christian faith as they grow into taking up their ministry in the body of Christ one day!

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ENON KIDS November Newsletter:


During our Growth Group on Sunday evening, we have been discussing what our Church’s needs are for growing our church, which then grows God’s kingdom.   We have been tasked with this one question; What would you do to help someone become fully committed to Christ?  It’s such a thought provoking question, but our actions can be simple!  We can invite people, we can say hello to new faces and help them feel comfortable, we can serve in the church.  

What does that look like for our Children’s Ministry?

Let’s teach our kids how to invite a friend to Church!  You as a parent can invite the child’s family.  Ask your kids if they know anyone that doesn’t know about Jesus. With your child(ren) write down their friends name on a sheet of paper and pray over their friend.  Ask God to open their heart and accept the invitation of joining your child(ren) to church on Sunday.   But do not be discouraged if the family or child does not respond right away.   We learned in Growth Groups, it can take 6 repeated invitations before someone would accept!  6!  “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9.


Enon is growing!  We have been praying over increasing God’s Kingdom, and HE is answering us with many new guests each weekend.   As parents we can say hello and learn about our new families that are coming to Enon.  Our kids will follow us in our actions.   If we are smiling and friendly to new guests, our kids in turn will be the same!  Let’s help guests and our kids feel comfortable and not anxious because of new things.  


We will have many new opportunities to serve in our church too!   Soon we will have a welcome table/children’s check-in table.  For the safety of our kiddos we will have a check-in table.  All parents will be asked to sign their kids in and out.   I will need multiple volunteers to help welcome our families and guests.  If you are not able to work with children, but would like to help our children’s ministry, this is a great opportunity!  


What would you do to help someone become fully committed to Christ?  Our children need us to lead them, and show them Jesus’ love for all.  When we show them ways of growing God’s kingdom for His glory, we become more fully committed to Christ ourselves.  My hope is that our children will see this, and become fully committed Christians.   


Many blessings, 


Genie Heldt, Children’s Minister 

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