Pastor Tammy Scheller

Pastor Tammy has a sincere heart for Jesus and seeing His kingdom built in the lives of others.  She may be small, but she packs a big punch as she preaches God’s word with dynamic power.  She is the most caring counselor, the greatest grandma, and a passionate preacher and teacher at Enon Church.  We are blessed to have her as a pastor.

Pastor David Depoister

Pastor David is dedicated to seeing God’s vision for Enon fulfilled.  There are times when he belongs in the children’s ministry as a child, but God uses him to keep things interesting throughout the Church.  He is right at home in the praise band and at Rooted Teen Ministry at Enon.  We are possibly blessed to have David ministering at Enon.

 Children’s Pastor Genie Heldt

Children’s Pastor Genie has been creatively sowing seeds into the hearts and minds of our rapidly growing children’s ministry.  She feels right at home with a busy schedule and finds time to do more in one week than most get done in a month.  She may look little, but she is strong in the Lord.  We are so blessed to have Genie ministering to our kids.

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