Enon on Mission

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth – Acts 1:8

It was not a man-made idea.  It wasn’t a fantasy dreamed up by a group of thinkers.  It is a calling from God to take the gospel out into the world and build His kingdom.  Mission is a part of our purpose.  Each time we share testimony, do an act of kindness and go forward as ambassadors of Christ, we are fulfilling that call which Jesus gives each of us to fulfill. Enon has been intentional about seeking opportunities to be the hands and feet of God.  Our vision has been to send out regular mission teams, both internationally and nationally, to meet needs of people in the world around us.

In June 2019, Enon had the opportunity to go out into a community that was foreign to our members.  God’s blessings were immediately recognized as the team traveled many hours to help others and provide for their needs.  Various comforts were left behind.  Time away from jobs, homes, and family was taken.  Discomfort was embraced.  And, hearts were opened in Jesus name. 

While on Mission the team took up many useful tasks.  One lady was unable to use the back door to her house because the back porch had fallen off and the floor was rotted out by the door.  Before returning home, the Enon Mission Team replaced the floor and made it look like new.  The rear porch was re-attached to the house with solid support and new steps to ensure long lasting use.   A front porch on the house was very small and several of steps were getting dangerous.  Before the week was done, the front porch had been expanded to over double the original size and all the bad boards were replaced with new wood.  These are just a few accomplishments done by the team.  The local nursing home was visited, one person received a complete yard makeover, and several people from all over the country were united in spirit and in heart reflecting the love of Christ. 

We want each and every person to consider your role in fulfilling this call to mission.  Thank you to everyone who supported this particular trip.  It wouldn’t have happened without the team, the prayers, the financial support, and the hearts for Jesus that moved this trip forward every step of the way.  Pray today about your future involvement on the Enon Mission Team.

Pastor David