Freedom in Christ

“Submit yourselves, then, to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  James 4:7

July marks a time when Americans nationwide reflect on the freedom that we have.  We pride ourselves on being a country where we are free to worship, free to have a voice of our own, free to exercise rights that many around the world do not have the luxury of experiencing. 

The freedom that we have in our country did not come naturally or easy.  We celebrate Independence Day as a time when our forefathers had to resist the rule of another power.  They had to take a stand and say, “We will no longer comply with the governance you have established over us.  We no longer wish to follow your ways.” 

That is what resistance is all about.  Resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something.  James encourages us to show the same resistance in the face of temptation.  He says to “resist the devil.”  Do not comply with the evil or self-indulgent opportunities that are presented to you.  We, as Christians, have to take the same stand that our forefathers once took.  We have to be willing to resist the devil and claim the freedom that is offered to us freely through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our prayer is that the freedom given to us through Christ will abound in our hearts.  We hope that the freedom given to us is used to shine Jesus’ love into the lives of those around us.  We look forward to the Kingdom of God being built through the lives of His disciples.  Amen

Pastor David Depoister

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