Principles of IMPACT

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these …John 14:12

Everyone thought that His works were over.  The people of His day were sure that once Jesus was physically removed from the earth, the movement that was started would fizzle away.  Surely the others would scatter now that Jesus would no longer be there to lead in such a direct way.  The disciples would go back to their fishing nets.  The crowds would return to their homes.  The promise of change would come to nothing. 

History has proven that these skeptics were wrong.  Jesus’ life and ministry on earth was not the end of something God was doing.  Jesus’ life and ministry – his death and resurrection – was only the beginning of God’s Salvation plan in the course of human history.  Jesus left a lasting impact on the world that continues to grow and change the world even this day.  This happens because Jesus left a legacy of empowering others to carry on God’s mission in the world.

Throughout the month of May we are going to study and hear the principles of impact that God uses to change the world.  We will hear how God has commissioned each of us to make a difference for His kingdom throughout our lives.  God will use our personalities, giftedness, and experiences in such great ways that we actually join and grow the impact of Jesus Christ in the lives around us as well.  God empowers us so that we, in turn, will empower others. 

We look forward to hearing God speak to us about the impact we can make for Him!

Pastor David

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