Advent Season

Advent–it’s become one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season!  The word “advent” means “coming” or “arrival.”  Advent is a time of anticipating and preparing for Jesus’ coming.  We anticipate and prepare to celebrate His “coming” as a baby.  We anticipate and prepare for Jesus’ “coming” to us through His Holy Spirit to move in our lives in new and fresh ways.  We anticipate and prepare for Jesus’ “coming” as King of kings and Lord of lords to establish a new heaven and new earth for God’s eternal kingdom.

Just as we light candles on cakes to help us observe birthdays, Christians light candles each Sunday of Advent to help us observe the season.  The First Sunday of Advent… we light a purple candle to symbolize the HOPE the Old Testament prophets had in the coming of The Messiah.  The Second Sunday of Advent…we light a second purple candle to symbolize the PEACE Jesus’ coming restored between God and His world.  The Third Sunday of Advent… we light a pink candle to represent the JOY the Shepherds and world experienced at Jesus’ birth.  The Fourth Sunday of Advent… we light another purple candle to represent the LOVE God demonstrated to us in Jesus’ coming.  The fifth candle, a white candle, is lit on Christmas to represent Jesus coming as The LIGHT OF THE WORLD!

This year, the prayer offered for us in the Upper Room Devotional is that as we prepare for the coming of the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and that God’s hope, peace, joy and love will be ignited in us and burn brightly for everyone around us to see! Amen!

May your lives be filled with HIS blessings this Christmas!

Pastor Tammy

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