Enon Serving Community

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works …Ephesians 2:10

Each Fall and Spring, the Enon Growth Groups look for opportunities to be a blessing to others through service projects.  Saturday, November 3, we had such an opportunity to help beautify our local park in Princeton as we worked with the Parks and Recreation department to do some landscaping projects.

One group worked hard to rid the entrance of debris and weeds.  Then, they diligently replaced the rocks that formed a perimeter around the welcoming sign.  Before they were done, the entire section was looking great!

A few of the swing sets were beginning to look a little run-down and in need of tender-loving-care to bring them up to par for all looking to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lafayette Park.  The service team worked hard to frame in the swings with logs, level out the ground for the new weed barriers, and then fill in the frame with new rock.  Each of the three swing sets took on a great transformation as the team worked to enhance each set with new materials.

There was even a little leaf blowing that needed to be done.  This young man was more than happy to handle the power tools and clear the rocks of any and all leaves!

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