Fellowship for Growth!

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers – Acts 2:42

School is not going in full swing, fall sports are well under way, and the parent’s schedules are as busy and crazy as are the younger ones.  We sure do not lack for things to keep us busy and running around.  There is a smorgasbord of activities, hobbies, and interests that fight for our time and devotion.

At Enon, fellowship is listed in our mission statement as one of the reasons for our existence.  We believe that spending time with each other, developing relationship, and sharing life is a part of what makes us a family.  That is why we are pleased to see so many ways for everyone to get involved with the church family activities and options to further our growth in Christ.  Here are a few exciting things that are on the upcoming calendar:

September 9              FRIEND DAY!               Be sure and bring a friend for breakfast and service.

September 16             GROWTH GROUPS!     We have some great small group options this fall.

September 21            MOVIE NIGHT!            It is a blast to come together over a movie.

One thing we know is that fellowship doesn’t always happen on its own.  True fellowship, where people are developing relationships, happen when we are spending time together, sharing our lives and experiences, and are devoted to one another.  With all the activities the world striving to take up our time and energy, fellowship in the body of Christ will only happen if we make it a priority in our lives.

Like the early church in Acts 2, our fellowship will be built up as we are devoted to the teaching, the fellowship and the breaking of Bread.  Let us pray that we will be wise with our time and energy as God builds up his fellowship at Enon General Baptist Church.

Pastor David

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