Spring 2018 Growth Groups

Spring Growth Groups begin January 28th at 6pm!

Begin praying now about the group that God would have you join in order to grow in your relationship with Christ and become the best disciple that you can be.

Growth Groups

In the second chapter of Acts we get a picture of how the early church stayed connected with one another as they enjoyed rapid church growth.  Acts 2: 46-47 says, “They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity – and each day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved.”

A unique way to reinforce growth

The development of Growth Groups puts the power of fellowship and discipleship together in order to strengthen our growth into mature Christians.  We will be kicking off our first semester of Growth Groups in the third week of January.  Now is the time to look over the information, pray and decided which group would best help you become a fully developing follower of Jesus Christ.

Childcare is provided during meeting times!


Teacher:  Bonnie Pinkston

Where:  Enon Church                      Cost: $5/person

When:  Sunday evenings                 Starting January 28th at 6pm          (6 week study)

It’s a fact of life, we will all eventually go through tests and trials.  But in those moments, we have a decision to make: Will it make us biter or better?  Join Joyce Meyer as she walks with you, chapter by chapter, through the book of James.  Whatever you’re currently dealing with in life, James probably has something to say about it!  James is a book about growing up spiritually and developing a “living faith” that is characterized by godly behavior and good works that display the love of Christ to the world.


Teacher:  Shana Hyneman

Where: Enon Church                       Cost:  None

When:  Sunday evenings                 Starting January 28th at 6pm         (9 week study)

Please join us as we take an in-depth look at the incredible story of Joshua as he leads the people into the Promise Land.  He was a brilliant military tactician, a skilled orator, and his faith in God’s supreme leadership directed his every movement as the Hebrews conquered the very hostile nations they encountered.  Joshua’s story is sometimes overshadowed by Moses’ feats by the Hand of God, but events in Joshua’s life were miraculous as well and a sign of a powerful bond between man and the Lord!


Teacher: Pastor David Depoister

Where: Enon Parsonage                Cost: $10/person

When: Sunday evenings                 Starting January 28th at 6pm     (6 week study)

Our culture unknowingly ingests regular doses of spiritual toxins that assault our relationship with God.  This five-session video study shines light on the dark influences, emotions, and behaviors to empower Christians to live pure lives and grow closer to God.

Through concise teaching and honest humor, Soul Detox provides a source of inspiration and encouragement for a faith filled lifestyle that will keep you free from spiritual toxins.


Participating in a Growth Group is very important for the life and health of Enon Church.  We do not grow in isolation.  Growth Groups help us to build relationships with each other as we strive to deepen our relationships with Jesus.  This is how you can sign up:

  1. Sign-up sheets will be available on the church bulletin board until the deadline.
  2. Simply fill out the connection cared and mark the class you wish to take. You will be added to the roster.
  3. Call the church at 812-385-2122 and let us know you want to be on the roster of a class.

Sign up Deadline:  January 28th


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