Numbering Our Days

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12

The Advent season and the Christmas celebration is always a highlight on the calendar.  The anticipation builds up as we hear the Christmas carols, gaze on the beautiful decorations and read the Advent scriptures about the coming Messiah born to us.  The Savior of the world has come to make all things new.  What do we do now?

New Year is always a time when we begin to shift our focus on our lives and how we have been given the freedom to start something now that can lead to new and great changes over the course of the next year.  New eating habits and exercise could lead to a healthier you.  Renewed commitment to a relationship may lead to reconciliation.  Deeper dedication to our relationship with Christ will lead to a strengthened spirit.

The passage of Scripture found in Psalm 90 reminds us of a very important topic to consider.  We should not let it get lost that New Years is also a celebration of the passing of time.  Days go by, weeks go by, months and years never stop pushing forward.  There is not a person on the earth that has endless days in this life.  It’s a sobering thought intended to make us contemplate what the best use of our days might be while here on earth.

“Teach us Lord, to number our days,” says the Psalmist.  This verse is not a passage about how to count.  This passage teaches us that, in view of our limited time on the earth, we are utterly dependent on God to show us what is the best use of our lives.  It is true that Christ came and makes all things new.  It is true that we can be saved and set free from the sins and habits that destroy our lives.  And it is true that Christ has prepared a way for us to live the best possible life imaginable!

Let us pray that this will be a year during which our priorities will have the eternal focus that they were meant for.  We pray at Enon that God will continue to transform lives and empower us to live in a way that is righteous and pleasing to God.  In perspective of our limited days, that is what a heart of wisdom looks like.

Pastor David

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