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What would you do to help someone move forward in their commitment to Christ?

This picture is a model being used in the Turnaround 2020 Growth Group to help us visualize the journey of deeper discipleship in the lives of people.  What we hope to see accomplished in the lives of every human being is a forward progression into becoming a CORE person who is committed to ministry inside and outside the church.

Sadly, we have come to realize that most congregations tend to have natural obstacles that stand in the way of people moving forward into deeper levels of discipleship.  This forward movement is especially hard for guests and newcomers.  A multitude of obstacles stand in the way of people moving from “Community” to “Crowd” to “Congregation”.  For example, if someone comes to Enon Church for their first time and they feel as though they don’t belong, their chances of moving from “Community” to “Crowd” to “Congregation” become very slim because they will most likely not return.

The bad news is that a majority of people, when faced with such obstacles, will walk away from the journey rather than work through them.  The good news is that we, as a church family, can be intentional about removing or overcoming these obstacles in order for everyone to move more freely in their discipleship journey to becoming a CORE person.  The Growth Group is designed to help us realize the obstacles that we have at Enon as well as celebrate the obstacles that we have already overcome.

We believe that utilizing the material from this Growth Group and putting what we learn into practice will be key in helping us fulfill our 2020 vision of double attendance.  One thing is for sure, we will have to all work together as a body of Christ in order to accomplish this God-sized vision for Enon Church.

Pastor David

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